I’m Shirley Collet, a mobile Transition Coach between Germany and France. I can of course stop on the way, in Belgium or Switzerland. 😉

Before climate change, I travelled alone regularly: Cambodia, Vietnam, Mexico, Burkina Faso,… and I lived in New York for a year.

I speak English and German, French is my mother tongue.

Since my childhood I have been an “alchemist”: I coordinate, treat and show how to deal with reality and what we have to transform it.

I have lived through many transitions and changes in my life. Either because I had to or because I wanted to.

I have been coached myself and above all I started a psychoanalysis at the beginning of my studies, which lasted almost 10 years. It was a bit long! I am happy that there are new forms of coaching these days and much shorter ones!

Today I share my experiences, my training and the methods I have developed with people to bring space and transformation to them.

I have become a “Coach for Transition” because I think that we are all mediators. I would therefore like to share my experience, my training and the methods I have developed to help people in need.

I have chosen the name “Rezonanz” because I invite you to resonate with yourself. Of course, “resonance” rhymes very well with “resilience”. 😉

My mindset and tools as a coach

is a mixture of different influences, otherwise there would be no elixir of interference suppression!

  • Systematic approach
    NLP (neurolinguistic programming)
  • Empathetic and active listening
  • Good Will
  • Optimism
  • Creativity
  • Eastern wisdom and philosophies
  • Sustainability and zero waste
  • Minimalism

I am an explorer and lifelong learner.

My story and my conviction

I had to go through several transformations to find out what had been stifled by my story and to become the woman I am today.

Expatriation and entrepreneurship were undoubtedly catalysts in structuring my life via sorting, renunciation, letting go, checking my assets and relationships.

Finding your rightful place requires an initial effort to be part of a more or less lengthy transformation process. In any case it is a decision and a process that are valuable!