Package 1 - TRANSITION

1 250€

You are going through a life transition of a professional, personal (pregnancy, marriage/separation, death, moving,…) or geographical nature, or at the end of a cycle (midlife crisis, retirement,…).


You want to bring about a change, a transition, in your life.

You want to sort and organize your home to find serenity for you, your couple and your family.


You are solopreneur / independent / freelance / looking for a better work-life balance.

In any case, you wish
  • to unclutter yourself to move on and write a new chapter in your life and give your life a more right direction.

  • to lighten yourself by agreeing to go in search of what is essential for you and which is yours.

  • I am here to save you time with my de-cluttering elixir!

I’ll teach you to sort through yourself and those around you.

The “TRANSITION” accompaniment has a double approach and a double effect: material and psychological.

For this, I will guide you gently and in a playful way, if you wish.

To accompany you in and towards change, we will approach together :

  • the particular situation you are living

  • your daily life, your living space

  • your mindset / your state of mind or your state at all!

  • happiness or inner peace? We will explore some key questions together.

Package 1 - TRANSITION

  • 1 meeting of 60 to 90 minutes by Skype or at your home (respecting the rules imposed by Covid-19) where you describe your current situation and where we decide together how to proceed.

  • 9 guided sorting sessions of 1 hour > I adapt to your rhythm. We will have determined beforehand the program (which piece and in which order).

  • 30 minutes of discussion after each session, about your feelings and your awareness.

  • Some practical information & reminders

  • 1 personal work possible and advised (playful) between each session

  • 1 privileged communication by email and support by your side for 12 months

  • 1 constant and personalized follow-up


  • Thanks to the sorting, you will have created yourself the necessary space to find your answers.

  • You will feel lighter, perhaps reassured, and more clairvoyant.

  • You will undoubtedly have discovered the needs and desires that are truly necessary for your well-being.

  • You will ask yourself more regularly what you really need.

  • You will have eventually come to terms with some things you have lost.

  • You will have a legitimate feeling of having regained control.

Throughout the accompaniment

You will learn to put yourself at the center of your life to respect yourself. 

You will redefine your contours and your landmarks or, on the contrary, find new ones that suit you better.

The pleasure of de-cluttering must remain an art of living, a philosophy of life. With this accompaniment, you will be imbued with it.

You want to go further on specific topics: