Package 2 - FOCUS


The FOCUS package is dedicated to mental sorting.

This coaching is a first step to allow you to psychically unclutter and see more clearly.

You have a relatively precise objective.

You can choose with this formula:

  • to work with me "your life essentials" and to ask you the first structuring questions

  • to address a blocking situation in order to submit it to the elixir of de-cluttering.

  • 1 meeting of 45 minutes in video-call where you describe your current situation and where we decide together how to accompany you.

  • 2 sessions of guided mental triage of 1 hour - or - one session of 2 hours. I adapt to your rhythm.

  • 15 minutes of exchange after each session, on your feelings and your awareness.

  • 1 personal work (playful) possible and advised between each session.


  • You will have completed the first step of de-cluttering: the one you targeted.

  • However, we are never safe from a snowball effect and you have reached a larger goal.

To go further on other specific topics :