Package 3 - SAVE MY HOME

from 500€

You need to sort and tidy your home for any reason: arrival/departure of a family member, dispute in your couple, with the children, moving, inheritance/succession, overflow…

or want to make a change.

In any case, you:
  • can't manage to do it on your own.

  • look for a pedagogy of tidying and sorting for a personal and therefore durable storage because it is built on your needs and your feelings.

  • need to be motivated and guided.

The “SAVE MY HOME” accompaniment helps you to make space in your home.

With Rezonanz, you will experience a pedagogy of sorting. I will guide you gently and playfully, if you wish.

  • I'm here to save you time and to make this healthy lifestyle sustainable.


  • 1 meeting of 60 to 90 minutes by Skype or at your home (respecting the rules imposed by Covid-19) where you describe your current situation and where we decide together how to proceed.

  • 2 to Y guided sorting sessions of 1 hour > I adapt to your rhythm. We will have determined beforehand the program (which piece and in which order).

  • 30 minutes of discussion after each session about your feelings and your awareness.

  • Some practical information & reminders

  • 1 personal work possible and advised (playful) between each session

  • 1 privileged communication by email and support by your side for 12 months

  • 1 personal work possible and advised (playful) between each session

  • 1 constant and personalized follow-up


  • You'll have kept the essentials

  • You will have felt the benefits of sorting.

  • You will have returned to yourself and your needs.

  • You will be at peace and more centered.

  • You will have acquired a durable sorting and you will be more vigilant not to let "intruders" return home.

  • You will have created space to let become and become.

You want to go further on specific topics: