An ancient wisdom

What if refinement was in simplicity? What do you think of traditional Japanese interiors and their gardens?

Order, structure, measure, the right place of things.

Clarity, space, room for thought, poetry, daydreams, creativity, rest “of the soul”.

Making room for letting things happen and becoming?

What if you chose a coach who tells you to sort out to slow down, to have and to do less?

What if you wanted to leave this portable world for your inner world…and live according to your values and desires?

Who can tell you better than you who you are, where you need to go, what’s right for you?

Become a member of the radical honesty to ride your life! Be brave and come with me!

More concretely, what is the specificity of this coaching?

I’m not cleaning up for you. I offer you a “sorting with mindfulness or awareness ” and guide you to find your essentials and the right place for things (material and symbolic / moral).

This process can only be personal even if of course we exchange throughout what will be an exploration. This is the only way to obtain a thorough and SUSTAINABLE tidying up that will bring you autonomy and much more: interesting discoveries about yourself and your needs.

The specificity of Rezonanz is to allow you to get out of repetitive blocking patterns, to cleanse your limiting beliefs, to set you in motion in a concrete way through stages of self-knowledge, exploration of your resources, remobilization of your energy and personal dynamics to achieve what is important to you. 

Any transition involves moving from one state to another, from a known to an unknown situation. It involves an inner upheaval that everyone experiences in their own unique way. 

Transitions and life challenges are stages that I consider as “little deaths” AND stages of growth. They are a wonderful opportunity to get to know you better, to accept you as a whole, to overcome your fears and doubts, and to live your aspirations and dreams.

Rezonanz is a pathfinder: I am at the service of your path. 

Make your life and your project come alive!

“Impose your luck

Serve your happiness

Go to your risk

Looking at you, they’ll get used to.”

René Char