Rezonanz, pathfinder


Coaching takes place by appointment. Two possibilities :

  1. By videoconference, at your convenience on:
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • WhatsApp


You will just have to correctly orient your webcamera so that I can be virtually there. 🙂

  1. On site. I go to your house respecting the rules imposed by the Covid-19 virus: in France, in Belgium or in Switzerland and everywhere in Germany. I travel by train; I love to travel ! I live in Berlin, so you are responsible for the transport costs.


Thanks to my visit (virtual or not), I develop a strategy and make proposals to you.

You sort and I am by your side to help give to this work:



We are in a relationship of trust.

I’ll help you with my de-clutter elixir.

I help you to get where you want to go.

I reassure you when it’s hard, I help you understand what’s happening and why you should persevere.

I offer you a benevolent and non-judgmental mirror in which we can look together at what is happening for you, with gentleness and curiosity.

Can we confide in each other like in therapy?

Life coaching is practiced within a precise deontological framework: we are bound by professional secrecy. Everything that is said therefore remains strictly confidential.

As a reminder: coaching cannot replace therapy. If you are in therapy, do not hesitate to inform your therapist that you are undertaking this coaching.


The specificity of this coaching is to allow you to get rid of repetitive blocking patterns, to clean up your limiting beliefs, to put you in motion. This, in a concrete way through stages of self-knowledge, exploration of your resources, of remobilization of your energy and your personal drive to realize what matters to you.

Any transition involves leaving a known situation / state to go to a state, a situation of unknown. It therefore takes courage to overcome this possible inner upheaval that everyone experiences in a unique way.

Transitions and trials of life are stages that I consider “little deaths” AND stages of growth.

You will see, this is a great opportunity to get to know yourself better, to accept yourself as a whole, to overcome your fears and doubts, and to develop your aspirations!


If the need arises, especially for the work of mourning a deceased person, I would suggest that you complement my accompaniment with that of a sophrologist, Rachel Galerme, who accompanies women who have lost their partners:

I will never hesitate to give you the benefit of complementary resources that suit your situation.