The Rezonanz packages or how can I accompany you?

Let’s meet

Is this going to be a match?
  • Discover you
  • Introduce myself
  • Clarify your objectives and my mission


Full guidance
1250 Elixir of de-cluttering
  • Outdoor sorting
  • Interior Sorting
  • Life Coaching

Save my home

Sorting + Organization
500 Sorting philosophy
  • Sort
  • Organize
  • Understanding


On 1 room or 1 theme
  • 1 problem
  • 1 solution
  • Sort in any case


Session on request
By quotation
  • Listening to your needs to accompany you through any change.
  • Personal session at your own pace

You are:

You are going through a life transition of a professional, personal (pregnancy, marriage/separation, death, moving,…) or geographical nature, or at the end of a cycle (midlife crisis, retirement,…).

You want to bring about a change, a transition, in your life.

You want to sort and organize your home to find serenity for you, your couple and your family.

You are solopreneur / independent / freelance / looking for a better work-life balance.

In any case, you want to de-clutter to move forward, to give a better direction to your life and write a new chapter.

Rezonanz is bringing you in.

What you wish for: