Rezonanz, pathfinder

Hello, I am a life transition coach with an approach focused on the “art of the essential” and sorting.

Hello, I am a change companion with an approach centered on the “art of the essential” and sorting.

If you are knocking on my door it is because you are looking to lighten up by agreeing to search what is essential to you and which is unique to you.

You want to declutter and start a new stage in your life, a new project.

I’m here to save you time and energy, but not just anyhow.

If you want long-lasting energy, you need meaning and strong support. You also need systems dedicated to slowing down and creativity.

Discover my “elixir of decluttering”!

Rediscover clarity, release your energy: get to the core.

Visuel Rezo (82)

Rezonanz has two currencies:

Less is more” and “we only evolve through renunciation”.

Rezonanz is a sorting pedagogy. It does not sound very sexy? You will see, this is a journey, an exploration and in the end a very pleasant art of living.

This efficient guided exploration will allow you from the first session to remove blockages and to be in motion again.

You will perform a * mindful sorting *. Indeed, sorting is also noticing: our stages of life, our material and psychological inheritance, our irrationality, our tastes, our needs …

So, I don’t sort or tidy up for you as it wouldn’t make sense. I guide you and motivate you in this exploration so that you understand what is essential for you and what moves you.

This approach will bring you much greater benefits: lasting storage, structuring, autonomy…. and, ultimately, you (re) discover yourself, in all your uniqueness, your real needs and your power.

I want to bring you back to the core (which will be personal to you) because it is a vector of serenity.

Living as close to you as possible is the most beautiful home you will afford.

Sorting, “throwing away” and tidying up is in-depth work with multiple aspects and effects!

Rezonanz offers this support so that you can question the notion of value.

This sorting and tidying up pedagogy facilitates your moult, your desire for change, your need to find clarity and more accuracy in your life.

The goal of the “Elixir of Cluttering” is to give yourself new space.

With Rezonanz, you will have fulfilled a dual purpose: you will have freed up space in you and at home.

Whatever your age, your background, the number of your possessions: sorting and separating (objects – thoughts – relationships) will change your life. The space created offers the possibility of welcoming new opportunities!

Rezonanz is an invitation to live - at all ages - one's uniqueness and to take on a free and invigorating journey through life by sorting out.

Your concern:

  • Home

    You want to sort and organize your home or the one of a relative after bereavement.

  • Mourning

    You need to sort out and organize a relative's house after bereavement. // You want to prepare your own departure.

  • Transition

    You are going through a life transition of a professional, personal, geographic nature - pregnancy, marriage, separation, illness, move, expatriation ... - or the end of your cycle: midlife crisis, retirement, ...

  • Authenticity & CV

    You want to bring about a change, a transition, in your life.

What you wish for:

Shirley is a super pro!

She showed me how I can feel free, comfortable and easy again in my apartment. As a result of the change, I feel how I was flooded and under pressure before in my own apartment, the place where you should find your retreat, your peace and security.

My flat is totally transformed and there is much more energy, nice energies inside. Shirley has a real talent to arrange spaces which is a great bonus.

I also feel stronger thanks to the clarity I gained, and lighter as I dropped useless things outside and inside me.

Also, I’ve really appreciated Shirley's respectful approach.


Karolina, Program “Save my Home”

- Berlin, July 2020

“When I made an appointment with Shirley, I was stuck. I couldn't go back and above all I had finally set aside time to tackle this difficult task.
I find it hard to separate myself from things and I had a very emotional connection to these clothes even when I hadn't worn them for a very long time. "
“It was nice to see that my clothes trunks were emptied.”
"It was a good first step for me and Shirley's method will help me in the future to separate myself from things more easily."
“I will take a new appointment with her and can therefore only recommend her!”

Jackye Bernardi, Forfait "ZEN"

Bayonne (64) - France, July 2020 - Coaching with Skype

We only evolve by renunciation.

Let's find the strength of this passage and this metamorphosis together.


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