Package 4 - ZEN

from 50€, the 1 hour session

You’re a little lost, you’re not well, you don’t know where to go and where to start to feel better.

I will accompany you in a flexible way with sessions on demand between 1 and 2 hours, at the frequency that suits you and for the duration you need.

We are in a relationship of trust.

I help you to help you.

I help you go where you want to go.

I reassure you when it is hard, I help you understand what is happening and why you should persevere.

I offer you a benevolent and non-judgmental mirror in which we can look at what is happening for you together, with gentleness and curiosity.

At the end of this accompaniment:

You will have gained more clarity and hopefully be reboosted!

You want to go further on specific topics: