Vocation: an individual and planetary ecology

We are full of uncertainties, congested by thoughts, objects, responsibilities.

The first step is to understand that we are responsible for our life and that we can – at any time of it – establish a “first hygiene”, that this “grooming” is to be done on ourselves.

To be “true”, to be authentic first towards oneself and then towards others is not easy. Social injunctions are everywhere.

That’s why, through Rezonanz, I help individuals to see more clearly what really matters to them so that they keep only the essentials and can truly take care of themselves, of who they really are.

You will find, by sorting at home and within you – you will see, this double movement takes place naturally – what is valuable. You will put your finger on the essential and get rid of the rest.

You will spend less money, less energy and what you spend, will be put for a better use. 

You will feel lighter, aligned, more in direct contact with what is right for you, what nourishes and carries you because you will have eliminated the multilayers of useless at home as in you.

In the background, there is a wider vocation, because I am convinced of the fact that “one + one + one” who has found his essentials = a world which will not anymore overexploit its wealth because each one will have understood two things: that he finally needed little and that the most beautiful and most important things in life are not those which can be bought.